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5 tips for using color well in a child’s room


In the bedroom of our darling toddlers, color plays a fundamental role. Present to determine the atmosphere of the place, define its style, but also to give it character, make it more cozy or brighter, color has many powers to embellish this room. Color also has a say in it to inject a good dose of life and good humor.

Opt for colorful accessories in the child’s room

As we know, a child’s room is an evolving room. That is to say that the decoration will change over time, from simple little “details” like a new bed to big changes like the color of the walls and the decorative objects. To follow the evolution of your child taking into account his creativity and his universe, the good tip is to opt for white walls . This white base will then be personalized with decorative elements, from the bedside table to the bed linen.through the lights. White makes it possible to bring a quantity of colors into the same room without overloading it. For example, this white child’s room where all the pastel tones come together, creating a lively and soft atmosphere at the same time.

Bet on a colorful wallpaper for the child’s room

Painting isn’t the only way to bring splashes of color to the walls of a child’s room. Wallpaper is the ally of a child’s room in tune with the times, plain or patterned, its presence works wonders. By small touches of preference if it is patterned, it will invite itself wonderfully to bring color, personality and also to structure the child’s room. We think of a wallpaper to delimit the office corner for children or as a headboard for example.

Create a palette of colors for a colorful child’s room

Does your child love color, even the most fluorescent? It shouldn’t be a problem! The solution lies in the right dosage of color. By choosing to paint only one wall of the bedroom, leaving the others completely white, you will obtain a colorful and lively space that is extremely bright and modern. For subtlety, but also to maintain the impression of space, the color must be frank, but clear. We therefore rely more on a shades of one color, as in this bedroom where turquoise is in the spotlight, with a base that accentuates the tone more and the wall in the upper part which reveals its softness and radiance. The result ? A colourful, rhythmic and very elegant children’s room which can keep this color for several years.

Bring color in small doses into the child’s room

If you are afraid to dare to use color to finally return to the traditional and timeless white wall, remember that this is the decoration of a child’s room . For this piece to please everyone, both you and the children, the right compromise is to bring in the color through a few details that will make all the difference. Thus, we say yes to the white, cream, gray, taupe wall , we say yes to wooden furniture, neutral and elegant, and we authorize color by touchesto give character to the whole. So that your child finds his way around, choose his favorite color to paint frames, niches, a bedside table and opt for bed linen in this colour. If he grows and attaches to different tones, you will only have to choose other sheets and repaint a few accessories!

5 Create a foundation with color

The smaller the child, the more he likes the color. The early years are therefore ideal for daring to use neon and acid shades, whether it’s a boy’s room or a girl’s room. To brighten up the whole and make it more toned, creating a base that will be covered with a bold color is a good trick. Thus, the upper part of the wall will be white and will offer a clear and sober space, and the lower part will energize everything by bringing a pretty fantasy. To punctuate the space a little more, consider highlighting the moldings in another color, if the base includes them, or don’t hesitate to use modern and original stickers that will delight your little ones.


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