decorating a child's room

5 tips for decorating a child’s room


Are you looking for decorative ideas for your child’s room? You must arrange it by thinking of its age, its desires and its needs. He must feel good there to play but also to sleep. What are the tips for decorating and furnishing a child’s room?

To make your child want to spend time in his room, involve him in the different choices. Suggest themes and colors, keeping in mind that children grow quickly and their tastes change. It is for this reason that it is preferable to avoid furniture that is too marked, such as a car-shaped bed or furniture bearing the image of your favorite heroes. If he really cares, offer him some accessories or sheets, which you can easily change when he grows up.

Girl’s  room or boy’s room?

If you are wondering, know that it is now better to decorate your child’s room by freeing yourself from these clichés. Let your child choose the color they prefer regardless of their gender. You can also opt for a neutral theme, with geometric shapes. The advantage of a rather neutral unisex decoration is that it will be more durable over time. The neutral colors match all types of decor and you can change the decoration of your child’s room by adding or changing only the accessories. Carpets, lamps, posters on the walls: all these elements make it possible to modify the atmosphere of a child’s room at a lower cost.

The choice of colors for your child’s room

All colors can be used in a child’s room. Remember, however, that your children’s toys and accessories are generally very colorful, which is why interior decoration professionals recommend not to exceed three colors. For a soft decor, bet on pastel colors. If you prefer originality and want to give a real identity to the decoration of your child’s room, you can put wallpaper on a wall . Graphic patterns, floral or scene with animals: the options are numerous and adapt to all budgets.

You can also choose to leave a free wall that will serve as a support for your child’s experiments. There are paints that reproduce the blackboard effect and allow your child to draw with chalk on a wall in their room. Nevertheless, for this, it is preferable that your child is old enough to understand that he can draw on this wall with chalk but not on the other walls of the room or the house. If this solution does not tempt you, use this wall to hang his drawings. In this way, the decoration of your child’s room will evolve over the years and with the rhythm of the seasons.

Delineate the different spaces of your child’s room

Furnishing and decorating a child’s room can be complex because the room has several functions. It is a play area, a room dedicated to rest and sometimes even to work when your child needs to isolate himself to do his homework.

The sleeping area of ​​the child’s room

It must revolve around the bed, which is why the choice of this piece of furniture must be well thought out. If you’re short on space, you can opt for a loft bed. In addition to entertaining your child, it allows you to save floor space to create a reading corner or a play area. The cabin bed is also very popular because it combines practical and aesthetic aspects. Indeed, this floor bed limits the risk of falling and brings a decorative touch to your child’s room. Whichever bed you choose, it’s important to create a delimited and comfortable space to secure your child and encourage him to go to bed when he is tired. Decorate his bed with cushions and let him choose his sheets as well as some stuffed animals so that he appropriates his sleeping area.

The office corner of the children’s room

If your child needs to isolate himself to do his homework, plan a work area with a desk adapted to his size and storage modules. Note that the more the years pass, the more the storage needs increase. Consider decorating the office to make the workspace attractive. If you can’t place the desk near a window, bet on a nice desk lamp, matching the decoration of your child’s room. Let him hang posters or drawings on the wall to allow him to appropriate the space.

Opt for clever storage in your child’s room

Children tend to scatter their belongings and toys. If you want to encourage your child to tidy up their room, choose accessible storage solutions. In addition to a cabinet, opt for toy chests and colored boxes to classify the different types of games. Choose them with wheels if you want to be able to move them easily or slide them under his bed.

Choose materials suitable for children’s rooms

For the decoration of your child’s or baby’s room, choose natural materials that are easy to maintain. Raw wood furniture is both healthy and durable. When it comes to fabrics, choose ones that are machine washable and wrinkle resistant. As for the floor, opt for a material that is easy to clean. Synthetic coatings are great for mopping stains away. They exist in many colors, with or without patterns. To add a soft and warm side to the decoration of your child’s room, do not hesitate to place soft carpets at the foot of the bed.


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