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Kanat Sultanbekov Lists Tips for Competently Handling Rental Property Maintenance


Efficient property maintenance and management is a vital aspect of real estate investing. Neglecting property maintenance may incur costly repairs and cause tenant dissatisfaction. Therefore, Kanat Sultanbekov mentions that property owners must have a well designed rental property maintenance strategy to capably preserve their investment and maximize retention.

Kanat Sultanbekov offers valuable rental property maintenance tips

Property maintenance is among the most critical responsibilities of a landlord or property manager. All seasoned property investors understand that diligent maintenance is more than a routine activity. It is more of a strategic process focused on protecting the investment, and is helpful in building long-term relationships with tenants to reduce turnover. Here are a few tips that can help people to competently manage rental property maintenance:

  • Swiftly respond to maintenance requests: The tenants must be encouraged to communicate any concerns regarding the property in a proactive and prompt manner. Maintaining an open line of communication and addressing maintenance concerns in a timely manner is vital for improving the landlord-tenant relationship. While not all issues may require immediate intervention, to prevent further damage and keep the tenants happy it is better to attend to all maintenance requests as swiftly as possible.
  • Keep landscaping simple: It would be smart to keep the landscaping at a rental property as low-maintenance as possible. One should try to add native plants to the garden or install a patio. Even though this may cost more upfront, it can save time and money in the long run.
  • Schedule regular inspections: Many property owners and managers overlook the importance of routine property inspections, which can end up causing problems. Regular inspections are crucial to property maintenance. Typically, inspections should be scheduled once every quarter or six months. This will help in identifying and addressing issues before they become too severe. During the inspection process, one must keep an eye out for signs of leaky roofs, structural wear and tear, as well as water damage. C Checking the batteries of the smoke detectors, replacing HVAC filters and more, are also a part of routine maintenance. A comprehensive checklist must be created and followed to effectively execute the inspection process. A property owner or manager must carefully set dates to attend to allotted maintenance tasks at appropriate intervals
  • Keep track of expenses: A number of property maintenance and repair costs are inevitable. Hence, it is better to create a maintenance budget, and record unexpected repairs and routine inspections. This would allow the landlord to set aside a percentage of their rental income to cover repairs and maintenance expenses. Lack of budgeting can lead to out-of-pocket repairs and other significant issues down the road. Hence, this step cannot be forgotten. In case any major repairs are required at the property, one must ensure to get a fair price by comparing quotes from two or three different companies.

As Kanat Sultanbekov says, before a new tenant moves into a property, it is better to document the condition of everything, and even take photos or video. This can help prevent disputes over damages in the long run.


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