How to Update Your Living Room

How to Update Your Living Room


If you are reading this right now, then you are finding ways to upgrade your living space, right? As with many interior design aspects, everything starts with some creativity. First, take a closer look at your current living room and ask yourself this question. ‘Am I proud of my living room? If you’re not, use these strategies from interior designers:

1.  Change the Color of the Walls

Changing the walls’ color is theeasiest and most convenient way to update a living room. Hire a Calgary painting company to use newer combinations of colors. If your living room has bold shades, your painter will opt for a neutral tone. If your budget allows, ask your painter to experiment with some textured walls. Usually, textured walls don’t look good, but they can help to add character in the space.

2.  Restore and Refinish Wood Flooring

Changing floor in your living room may not be in your budget, but if you have a solid floor or engineered flooring, it will be much easier to refresh its looks. Oiling your hardwood floor will make it look good and applying protective oil can add another layer of protection against marks and spills.But if you have lacquered hardwood flooring, consider removing and reapplying the lacquer so as to give the floor a new life.

3. Fix the Blinds

You can’t regularly update fittings of your windows, but they may have a great effect on a dated living room. Unless your goal is to have a bespoke design, it will be important to change curtains or blinds so as to upgrade your living room. Window treatments can make or break a living room because they serve decorative and functional purposes. From a woven wood shade to a thick wool curtain, the key goal isto let in natural light and have a harmonious look.

4. Replace Overhead Lights with Table Lamps

You will hear many professional interior designers saying this – stop using very bright lights. According to some studies, warmer and softer lights can make you feel relaxed whereas brighter and cooler lighting can increase productivity and make you feel alert. And because we mostly use our living rooms to unwind, it would be best to replace overhead lights with table lamps. Using table lamps is the most foolproof and quickest way to immediately change the space’s vibe. Not to mention, these table lamps double as art and sculptural elements.

5.  Change the Rug

Rolling out rugs can make your living room look like new. Replacing old rugs with new ones can help you to incorporate a unique style underfoot. This is an easy way of updating an outdated living room without replacing furniture or painting your walls. Plus, the best part is that, you will find various options you can choose from.

Updating your living room for many homeowners might seem impossible, but let us tell you this for free – it is very possible. You just need to need change the rugs, replace overhead lights with table lamps, fix the blinds, restore/refinish wood flooring, and paint the walls of your living room.


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