maintenance of your garden

How to save time in the maintenance of your garden?


More and more French people pay attention to their diet. This is probably why we see many vegetable gardens flourish, whether they are planted on balconies, in gardens or even on terraces. These little corners of culture then present themselves to their users as wonderful ways to eat healthily, to be in harmony with nature and to make great savings.

Are you planning to start your first vegetable garden, but you are not sure how to go about it and where to start? Thanks to this post, I will explain the simple actions to take to maintain your little corner of paradise and advise you on plants that require little care.

Robot mower, automate this thankless task!

Having beautiful and vast gardens is very good! This allows you to spend time outdoors with your family while enjoying the fresh air. However, when it’s time to mow the lawn, you can quickly become disillusioned, especially if you don’t have the time or you don’t have the right tools. Luckily for you, the technology in recent years has improved greatly and has even come to the service of home gardeners .

Save time for garden maintenance

Thus, having a robot mower for the maintenance of your garden is a solution with many advantages. Indeed, if before these devices were unreliable and expensive, today, they take your place without worry in complete autonomy for custom cuts. Thanks to them, your exteriors have never been so pretty and clean.

Plant low-maintenance plants

This may be surprising advice, however, when deciding to learn how to garden, it is imperative to go step by step. This happens, for example, by going to your favorite florist or to specialized stores to find the ideal flowers and plants. The people working in these stores will explain to you that a vegetable garden with little maintenance is above all self-sufficient. That is to say, it is a place where nature works for you! Therefore, have the reflex to plant vegetables:

Said to be perpetual, so that they are sown from one season to the next and can multiply. This is the case with sorrel, Jerusalem artichokes or artichokes;

Robust. They can, therefore, be somewhat neglected without withering away. If you are wondering which ones to choose, why not set your sights on beans, potatoes, but also shallots;

Of the season. This will allow, in fact, that they are adapted to the temperatures and that they do not require too much maintenance on your part.

Now that you see more clearly, all you have to do is put your hand in the wallet. Remember to buy smart by asking for your loyalty card. You will thus benefit all year round from reductions and advantages. I’ll show you one last tip! Instead of cluttering up with a hoe, a spade, a fork,  consider using a thermal tiller . You will work in your garden faster, easier and it will relieve your back.

Use smart watering

Are you going on vacation soon or are you desperately chasing time? In this case, the installation of an automatic watering system is essential.

Thanks to it, your vegetables, your aromatic plants and your flowers will never run out of water again. Don’t forget that the growth of your garden depends on good watering, which avoids water stress on your plants.

Some smart accessories are also very environmentally friendly. Thus, drip irrigation will not only meet the needs of your plants, your busy schedule and necessary water savings. If, moreover, you couple this system to a water recuperator, you will be autonomous almost all the year.


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