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How to Guide Spruce Up Your New Space on a Budget


You just moved into a new place and you’re itching to make it feel like home. But between rent, utilities, and just getting settled in, your budget for decor is pretty much nonexistent. Not to worry! With some creativity, resourcefulness, and a little elbow grease, you can give your space a stylish new look without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll share thrifty tips for sprucing up each room, from clever DIY projects to scoring secondhand steals. You’ll learn how to upgrade lighting, add color, organize clutter, and more on a shoestring budget. With a dash of imagination and our money-saving pointers, you’ll transform those blank walls and empty rooms into a space that feels fresh, functional, and completely you – without draining your wallet. Let’s get started!

Prep Your New Space for Decorating

First things first, get rid of anything you don’t need or want in your new space. Have a garage sale, donate to charity, or simply throw away junk and clutter. A clean slate will make the decorating process so much easier.

Next, give the place a deep clean. Scrub floors, wash windows, dust cobwebs, and wipe down walls. Once everything is sparkling, you’ll have a better sense of the room’s potential. Consider repainting walls in a fresh, neutral color to open up the space. A new coat of paint can do wonders for a room and is budget-friendly.

Check that all lighting fixtures are in working order and provide adequate illumination. Add task lighting as needed – floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lights over tables, etc. Proper lighting helps make a space feel finished and cozy.

Ensure any repairs or maintenance issues are addressed before decorating. Fix leaky faucets, patch holes in walls, tighten loose doorknobs, oil squeaky hinges, etc. Complete any renovations like replacing flooring, upgrading countertops or installing new cabinet hardware.

Now you’re ready to start decorating and making the space your own. Shop thrift stores, clearance outlets, and sale sections for deals on furnishings, art, bedding, rugs, and accessories. Keep an eye out for multipurpose pieces that serve more than one function. And remember, you can always rearrange, edit, or swap out items later to keep things fresh like Aaron Easaw.

With some cleaning, decluttering, and elbow grease, you’ll have a blank canvas ready for decorating on a dime. Put in the work now and you’ll be enjoying your stylish new space in no time!

Decorating Your New Space on a Budget

So you’ve got the keys to your new place but an empty bank account – don’t worry, you can still make it feel like home without spending a ton of cash. ###Focus on the essentials. Spend your money on things that make a big impact like a comfy couch, stylish rug, or statement piece of art. You can always add decorative touches over time as your budget allows.

DIY what you can. Things like throw pillows, wall art, table centerpieces, and accent furniture are easy to make yourself. Get creative with stenciling, decoupage, or re-purposing items you already have. Your place will look custom and cozy in no time.

Keep an eye out for deals. Check sites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and your local thrift stores regularly. You never know when you might come across that perfect vintage dresser or leather armchair at a steal.

Estate and yard sales are also great for finding unique items on the cheap.

Borrow and swap. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends if you can borrow furnishings until you’re in a better position to buy your own. Offer to swap or trade for items you no longer need as well. This is an easy way to get what you want without spending any money at all.

With some resourcefulness and patience, you can create a stylish space to call your own without breaking the bank. Focus on the important things, get crafty when you’re able, keep hunting for deals, and don’t be shy about borrowing – your new home will be move-in ready before you know it!

FAQs: How-to Guide for Decorating a New Home

Where do I start?

When moving into a new space, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. Start by decluttering and deep cleaning the entire home. Get rid of anything damaged or that you do not need. Once clean, you’ll have a blank canvas to work with and can make better decisions on how to layout and decorate each room.

How can I decorate on a budget?

There are many ways to spruce up a space without breaking the bank. Shop at discount retailers for furnishings and accessories. Buy generic or repurpose items you already own. Borrow decor from friends or check out yard sales and thrift stores. DIY simple projects like stenciling, painting, or reupholstering furniture. Look for ways to creatively use what you have before investing in new pieces.

What are some easy ways to make a house feel like home?

Add personal touches that reflect your style and the things you love. Group photos of friends and family or display collections you’ve curated over the years. Include decorative accents in your favorite colors and patterns. Add art to bare walls, especially in entryways. Fill empty corners with plants or floor lamps. Include sensory details like scented candles or soft blankets and throws. The more you customize the space to suit your needs and tastes, the cozier your new home will feel.

How often should I redecorate?

There’s no set rule for how frequently you need to redecorate. It depends on your personal style and how quickly you tire of your home’s current look and feel. For some, redecorating a few times a year by changing up accessories, art, and accents is enough. For others, a major overhaul of furniture layout, wall colors, flooring or window treatments every 3-5 years does the trick. The most important thing is that you keep your space fresh and functional for your needs and lifestyle. Make changes as needed to stay happy in your home.


So there you have it – with a little creativity and elbow grease, you can transform any new space into your own stylish oasis without breaking the bank. Start by taking stock of what you already have and repurposing things in clever ways. Add warmth with thrifted rugs, pillows and art. Focus on small upgrades that make a big visual impact like paint, window treatments and lighting. The little touches like plants and accessories go a long way in making a space feel like home. Follow these tips and you’ll be sitting pretty in your new, personalized pad in no time – all while sticking to your budget. Who knew you had such great style?


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