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These cleaning mistakes to avoid with our simple but effective tips


To keep our homes clean and welcoming, we all have a different cleaning routine. Nevertheless, it turns out that the majority of us regularly make a few common mistakes when performing household chores. So sometimes you end up damaging the surfaces or even leaving the space dirtier than it was when you started. Want to avoid such an unpleasant scenario? Our experts share with you today the most common cleaning mistakes to avoid. Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to catch them and learn how to avoid them in the future protective gloves cleaning tools products sponges sprays View in gallery

Page content What are the most common cleaning mistakes? Using dirty cleaning tools Lack of adequate ventilation Use the same cloth to clean an entire room Too much water on the wood floor

Next time, before jumping straight into cleaning, take a few minutes to reconsider your strategies. This will allow you to easily improve the results. So what are the cleaning mistakes to avoid? Here they are !Here are the small incorrect gestures to try to correct for a more effective cleaning cleaning mistakes to avoid products tools towels cleaners View in gallery

Lack of organization

So you have by chance noticed that your dresser has accumulated a solid layer of dust. You logically start removing it immediately. Suddenly, this spontaneous decision is probably not the best idea. For what ? Since indeed, it is necessary to first dust everything that is above the piece of furniture (such as the ceiling, the fan, etc.). Otherwise, it won’t take long for you to fall into the same situation in no time. Solution: Regularly devote enough time to cleaning and above all create a well-thought-out cleaning routine. Specialists recommend cleaning each space from top to bottom and left to right. Clean everything from top to bottom woman cleaning gloves protection tools rag products cleaner View in gallery

Failing to properly disinfect surfaces

Do you like good hygiene and do you regularly disinfect all surfaces in your home?  It turns out that the majority   of people spray on the disinfectant and immediately wipe it off without giving it time to work. In reality, the product needs to sit on the surface for at least 3-10 minutes to really do its job. Solution: Before applying the disinfectant, remove all dirt on the surface using a microfiber towel. Then spray the product and let the disinfectant act for a few minutes. Allow the disinfectant to work for a few minutes before wiping it off surface glass table spray spray napkin gloves sofa cushion green View in gallery

Using dirty cleaning tools

Cleaning counts only in cases where it is done with the help of useful cleaners. That is why, before starting the operation, it is very important to take care of all the supplies. Start by cleaning all the cloths and brushes. Empty the vacuum cleaner and wash its filter regularly. In this way, the spread of bacteria, dust and dirt throughout the home is prevented.Use only clean cleaning toolscleaning tools mop basket towel spray spray bottleView in gallery

Lack of adequate ventilation

Sometimes, when we are in a hurry or if it is cold outside, we tend to forget to think about the good ventilation of the room when cleaning. However, dusting and the use of certain cleaners (especially those based on bleach or ammonia), impose the need for adequate ventilation. Opening a window, turning on the ventilation or the air purifier is a simple but very important gesture to keep your respiratory tract healthy.Ventilate the room when cleaningaeration room room woman who opens windowView in gallery

Use the same cloth to clean an entire room

It is normal to want to save material and also time. Nevertheless, as already mentioned above, it is very important to clean only with clean tools. For this, using the same cloth to wipe all surfaces in a room is not a good idea at all. At some point, it’s going to spill the dirt out into space. It is therefore advisable to bring a few different cloths.Not one but several cloths to clean the same roomcleaning products towels spray sprayer bucket gloves protectionView in gallery

Too much water on the wood floor

In the urge to make the floor shine , one often resorts to using too much water for cleaning the floor. This, on the other hand, is not good for wood siding. Indeed, too much water can cause the parquet to stain, damage, blacken or deform.Solution: When cleaning the floor, mop a clean, dry cloth over the freshly mopped floor. Also, remember to mop up as much excess water as possible. To speed up the drying of the floor, leave the doors and windows open.


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