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All About Modular Switches: The Electrical Aesthetics for Your Home


When you consider the aesthetics or interiors of your home, electrical switches are most likely to be at the bottom of your list. It may be too late before you realise that your ignorance or indifference to the design of switches hasruined the look of your walls and the entire space for that matter!

The traditional switches, the ones that are secured with a few visible screws, lack the visual appeal and functionality of modular switches. Let’s tell you more about modular switches.

Understanding Modular Switches

These switches for home have the same basic functionas standard switches but score high marks on their elegantappearance and smart features. The modular switches are held in their position in durable plates with hidden screws.

Advantages of Modular Switches

A few reasons why modular switches make a great choice for your home are:

  • They look stylish and uplift the vibe and beauty of your home.
  • They are available in chic designs, vibrant colour schemes, textures, and materials to easily sync with your home décor.
  • They provide a sleek, seamless, compact, and minimalistic look to your walls.
  • They are shock-proof as they are made from fire-resistant materials.
  • They are multi-functional as you can install them for general household appliances and other communication and automation devices and even as a doorbell.
  • They are low-maintenance, unlike the traditional switches which tend to discolourover time or need frequent repairs and replacements.

Factors to Consider While Buying

There is no dearth of trendy and multi-utility functions in modular switches. The following factors will help you to narrow down the choices to find the right one for your space:


Though the modular switches come in flamboyant designs, you should not compromise their material for the safety of your loved ones. Make sure you buy the switches made from durable and fire-resistant or flame-retardant material.Some switches also have child-proof shutter sockets.


You can choose modular switches with a classic look, a shiny metallic touch, or a wooden texture. You can also explore different colours such as black, white, red, yellow, etc. Some designs are also available as a one-way switch (controls a single lighting circuit) and a two-way switch (controls a single light from two or more switches). Select a design that matches the décor and electrical needs of your home.

Unique Features

These days, modular switches have ultra-modern features such as silent technology (no click sound), touchscreen, remote-operated, motion sensor, and UV resistance. Some switches also have an interlock mechanism to protect against power fluctuations or shutdown. If you have any such specific requirement, you should keep that in mind too.

Socket Adaptability

Compatibility is a big hassle when a gadget needs a different socket either due to its specification or manufacturing origin in another country. Check if the modular switchboard can adapt to different pin types.


Did you know that modular switches for homeare available in versatile configurations tailored to your electrical needs or personal preferences? For example, you can buy a switchboard with multiple sockets or USB ports. You can also go for switches with dimming controls.


If you are building a new home from scratch or renovating it, it is a good idea to determine the locations of electrical fittings beforehand. This will help you to choose the right size and type of modular switches.


Modern switches are the sophisticated electrical upgrade you need for your living spaces. They are modish, slim, convenient, safe, multi-functional, and durable with a plethora of options to choose from. What else can you ask for?


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